The Vast Variety of Lawn Services

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A few weeks ago, my neighbor asked me if I knew or recommended any good lawn care services. I told him that my landlord took care of my lawn care and that I actually didn’t even know the name of the people who came to cut my lawn every couple of weeks. But when my aunt asked me a similar question the next day, I realized that I needed to have a company I could recommend to people.

I did some online research into lawn care services for Chesterfield. Because there were quite a few results, I realized I needed a company that had a good reputation and results that I could see for myself. Surprisingly, there are a few lawn care providers that don’t even post examples of their landscaping or freshly-cut lawns! But this one company, Midwest Lawn Co, posts pictures of their work on the front page of their website so you can see the quality of their efforts.

Looking into testimonials and satisfied customers on their website, I became confident that Midwest Lawn Co was the exact match I was looking for, in my search for a company I could give to my friends.

Even greater was that Midwest Lawn Co offers commercial services! So now I have a recommendation for friends needing their lawns cut, but I also have a company to name if my business-owner friends need someone for landscaping or commercial lawn care. What I did not know until my research was that lawn care services like Midwest Lawn Co offer landscaping services. I always just assumed that those who cut normal lawns were separate from companies who undertake huge projects to put in fresh mulch, beautiful flowers, or transplanted grass.

However, Midwest Lawn Co does both. If you click on their website’s landscaping section, it lists out all of the features and services that they offer, including walking paths and outdoor kitchens. What a concept! I’ve never had something as awesome as an outdoor kitchen in my home. But if I did, I’m confident I’d cook in it more often than my actual kitchen! Especially if I had a beautiful lawn to look at as I cooked.

While my landlord takes care of my lawn at the moment, my lease is up soon. I plan to move to a bigger place and perhaps even buy my first home. Though it can be expensive to move from renting to owning a home, I think it may be worth it for different reasons. One factor definitely, though, is that I would get more control over who cuts my lawn. I will definitely use Midwest Lawn Co, just like my neighbor and aunt do now. It’s not as convenient as my landlord taking care of my lawn through a business I don’t even know, but will definitely be reassuring to actually know who is cutting my lawn. And it will be a greater benefit to know that I am getting the best lawn care service our area has to offer!

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